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Branch 1 – Panchvati Colony Main Entrance, Airport Road, Bhopal

Branch 2 – Sanjeev Nagar, Karond Bypass, Bhopal 


We strive for excellence in teaching

BUDDING Scholar is committed to continuous overall development of child. Budding teachers create a fun, dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for child by stimulating their natural curiosity and structuring play in an interactive way. Teachers are regularly observed by the principal to ensure that our kids are taking the best quality learning experience.

Fun Reading Practice

Early Science & Maths

Problem Solving Skill

Pre Writing-Activities

Our well researched curriculum is based on conceptual learning and STEAM education. We introduce early science, technology, engineering, arts and maths from pre- nursery. This curriculum combines the best of the preschool methodologies in learning to give scope to every child to create, discover, interact and become self confident as they master various skills through play. Budding curriculum fosters a life long love for learning.


Our inspiration: The time of childhood is the time of wonder and we know the children are as unique as milestone that is why our curriculum is largely inspired by the best of the following pre-school methodologies.
a) Multiple intelligence approach by Thomas Arm Strong and B Campbell.
b) Montessori method by Maria Montessori.
c) Fredrich Frobel, the inventor of kindergarten.
d) John Heinrich who believed that children should learn through activities.




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