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Branch 1 – Panchvati Colony Main Entrance, Airport Road, Bhopal

Branch 2 – Sanjeev Nagar, Karond Bypass, Bhopal 

Amazing Sports And Games

1 . Grass Moter Development –  These skills involve moving the large muscles of the body in order to perform actions such as walking, jumping, kicking, sitting upright, lifting, and throwing a ball.

2 . Physical Development-  Budding Scholars is commiteed to continue Physical development of child.Budding teachers create a fun,dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for child .

3 . Leadership-  Teachers are regularly observed by the principal to ensure that our kids are taking the best quality learning experience.

4. Team Spirit – We need the support of others around us to lead a healthy and successful life. Let’s look at reasons to foster team spirit in children.

5 . Enthusiams Butte  –The time of childhood is the time of wonder and we know the children are as unique as milestone that is why our curriculum is largely inspired by the best of the following pre-school methodologies. .

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